In the eight episode Szymon Kokot is talking with Alex Forrest. (UFFW President - Captain Winnipeg Fire Department, 1 STATION 3 PLATOON).

Alex Forrest is a retired Captain after 33 years of service in the Winnipeg Fire Department. Prior to joining the Fire Department, Alex was a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, serving in the 3 RCHA.

He graduated from the University of Winnipeg with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts. He then graduated from the University of Manitoba Law School in 1995, and in 1996 was called to the bar.

The majority of Alex’s education was completed while working full time as a Winnipeg Firefighter. Alex has written many articles for Firefighter services around the world, and has advised and presented to many study groups on the topic of firefighter cancer rates. Most recently, he co-wrote a book with regards to the need for proper compensation surrounding cancer and firefighters. The book titled “Health Risks and Fair Compensation in the Fire Service” is one of Alex’s great accomplishments, and is now being sold in over a dozen countries around the world. Alex was honored to be awarded with the Canadian Long Service Medal for Firefighting, as well as, the Manitoba Chief’s Long Service Award.

He was recognized as an initial recipient of the Queen Jubilee Medal of Honor for his contributions to the Canadian Firefighters Safety & Occupational Cancers. As well, received the Mary Beth Dolan Medal of Honor for his contributions regarding Health & Safety. Alex is currently the President of the Manitoba Fallen Firefighters Foundation, as well as the Manitoba Professional Firefighters Association. In previous years, he has held the position of the Prairie Director for the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation. In 2008, Alex was elected as a Canadian Trustee of the International Association of Fire Fighters nd currently holds this position. Previous titles with the IAFF include being an original member of the IAFF EMS Standing Committee, and has also been a Service Field Representative for over ten years.

Currently, he holds the position of the President of the United Firefighters of Winnipeg, and continues to educate groups around the world focusing on the importance of cancer and its effect in Fire Services. he was a speaker in the first edition of the conference.

This time it's in English and Szymon Kokot will speak to Alex Forrest on issues connected to cancer among firefighters. This conversation was recorded prior to Alex's recent presentation in Olsztyn (Poland) during the IX international Conference on Structural Firefighting. Coming this week to Facebook, Youtube and podcast services.


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